Photo Editing Softwares

We see many pictures in the website and posters that has been manipulated but seems natural. Most of the folks or I would say almost all of us know, in what software it is done, but most of us don’t know how to do it and love to learn those superb tips and techniques and how to do it from start.

So folks I am going to tell u how its done from start to finish with the simple to understand and follow tutorials.

First of all lets check the softwares that are available for the photo editing softwares .

  1. ACD Systems ACDSee Pro 9 and ACDSee PhotoEditor 
  • Platform: Windows/Mac
  • Price: $99.99 for ACDSee Pro 9; $59.99 for Photo Editor 6


ACDSee Pro 9 offers RAW processing, image tagging and organization tools, and exposure/color enhancements, while Photo Editor 9 is the more-Photoshop-like tool for layer-based, pixel-level edits. ACDSee Pro 9 doesn’t offer many of the facial-recognition, geotagging, and distortion-correction whistles and bells of Lightroom and Aperture, but both pieces of software offer extensive RAW-format support out of the box.

2. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom cc

  • Platform: Windows/Mac
  • Price: US$9.99/mo


Lightroom isn’t a Photoshop alternative per se. Launched as a RAW workflow tool, Adobe has been steadily updating it through four iterations  and if you don’t need to slice and dice your images too intensively, it’s a great alternative to ‘full strength’ Photoshop.

If you’re a RAW shooter you may already be using Lightroom as part of your workflow, as it covers a few of Photoshop’s weakest points: organizing your photos, tagging your photos, and applying quick fixes and enhancements. If you work mainly with RAW files and need a program to quickly process your images, adjust exposure, remove noise, and apply the same adjustments to a batch of images, Lightroom may be all you need – which was precisely why Adobe created it.

3. Apple Aperture 3  

  • Platform: Mac
  • Price: Discontinued


Aperture is more of a Lightroom alternative than a Photoshop CS6 alternative, and if you’re a Mac user it might be just what you need. Aperture blends advanced features such as RAW processing, manual retouching, custom-printing elements, and tagging/organization tools with novice-friendly options such as facial recognition, geotagging, and one-click filters. Unlike Lightroom, Aperture does not offer built-in lens-distortion correction out of the box, but there are several Aperture plugins available on Apple’s site that offer that and many other features. But on April 8, 2015, Apple has discontinued Aperture from the Mac App Store.

4.Corel PaintShop ProX8 Ultimate

  • Platform: Windows/Mac
  • Price: $79.99 for Basic edition; $99.99 for Ultimate edition

paintshop-pro-lt-box paintshop-pro-ult-lt-box

If you’re looking specifically for a boxed-software Photoshop alternative for Windows, Corel PaintShop Pro X8 is one of the most-popular packages in that realm.                                                                                 It’s arguably the best option in this roundup for graphic artists, as it can create vector graphics and offers interoperability with Photoshop’s own brush tools. As you’d expect, it also features a full array of photo-editing tools as well, including layers, filters, one-click HDR and other filters, retouch tools, and much more RAW-format support than any of the free packages (including 16-bit RAW). The ‘Ultimate’ edition of PaintShop Pro X8 costs just $20 more than the standard version, and it includes ON1 Perfect Effects 9.5, Corel® AfterShot™ 2, Perfectly Clear 2 SE by Athentech, Creative Collection of brushes, textures and backgrounds (which costs around $150 by itself, so that’s quite a deal) and additional enhancement tools for portrait photographers.

5. DxO OpticsPro 10

  • Platform: Windows/Mac
  • Price: From $129 for Essential Edition; $199 for Elite edition


If you want automated, tailored-to-your-camera lens correction in your RAW-processing software, look no further than DxO Optics Pro.                                                                                                                       This Lightroom alternative features an extensive database of camera/lens combinations, which you can activate as ‘modules’ to automate lens-correction, chromatic aberration, sharpening, vignetting, and noise-reduction fixes. The Standard edition’s database of lens/camera combinations is built to support everything from RAW-capable point-and-shoot cameras to consumer-level DSLRs, while the Elite edition is a better fit for those shooting with a full-frame DSLR or other professional-level kits. Optics Pro 8 takes some getting used to, but it’s an incredibly powerful tool and its lens corrections really do have to be seen to be believed. Be prepared to wait for new cameras and lens modules to be added, though DxO is getting better in this regard.

6. GIMP 2.8

  • Platform: Windows/Mac/Linux/Unix
  • Price: Free


GIMP is an open-source project that costs absolutely nothing. It does an admirable job of replicating Photoshop’s feature set when it comes to recomposing and manipulating your photos, applying effects, and cropping and resizing images.

GIMP supports editing PSD files, and its arsenal of tools is without equal for the price: Filters; brush tools; text tools; layers; distortion and color-correction tools; and plenty of cropping, resizing, and effects options. Although it shares a surprising amount of features with the much-higher-priced Photoshop, GIMP is nowhere near as much of a resource hog. The most common gripes with GIMP are that it isn’t as polished or easy to use as Photoshop, nor does it match up to Adobe’s editing software when it comes to advanced features and color management (no 16-/32-bit RAW or CMYK support, for example).

GIMP has a healthy selection of plug-ins that make its feature set even more Photoshop-like, including content-aware healing tools, extensive RAW-format support, and even a modified version that looks and acts more like Photoshop, if you get homesick.


  • Platform: Windows
  • Price: Free

paintnet is a free Windows-only program that’s often mentioned alongside GIMP (it’s free, for one thing) but avid users give it an edge in terms of learning curve; if you know your way around Microsoft Paint, you should get the hang of pretty quickly.’s palette of basic selection and paint tools are nearly identical to those found in Microsoft Paint, but it ups the ante with Photoshop-like support for layers, filters, and effects. It’s also similar to GIMP in terms of extensive plug-in development, and those add-ons will be essential to more-advanced users. You’ll need to download and install plug-ins in order to edit PSD files and work with RAW images, for example. For basic JPEG photo edits on a Windows machine, might be your simplest, cheapest option. Anyway, it’s free – why not?

8. Phase One Capture One Pro 8

  • Platform: Windows/Mac
  • Price: From 229 EUR


In our Raw Converter Showdown earlier this year, Phase One’s Capture One Pro 8 emerged as the top pick for studio and fashion photographers thanks to its excellent support for tethered shooting, including in-application camera adjustments and live-view capabilities.

There are plenty of reasons for enthusiast photographers to consider this RAW-processing package, too though, including excellent organization tools, speedy performance, and a unique focus-peaking preview that helps you identify the sharpest shots in your batch of photos. Like Lightroom and DxO Optics Pro, it also offers an extensive selection of noise-reduction, lens-correction, color-correction, and custom-printing tools. If its relatively high cost gives you pause, you can always download a free trial version and see how you get on.

9. Pixelmator 2.2 ‘Blueberry’

  • Platform: Mac
  • Price: $29.99


Pixelmator is another full-featured editing tool, and it’s probably a safer option for Mac users thanks to its user-friendliness. Pixelmator only runs on Mac OS X, and while it isn’t free, it’s a bargain at $30 – and an even better bargain at its current (May 2013) sale price of $15.

Think of Pixelmator as the anti-GIMP in terms of interface: It’s easier to use and much easier on the eyes. For basic to semi-advanced image-editing needs (color correction, brushes, layers, masks, filters, text tools, and a content-aware healing tool), it has the bases covered. Like GIMP, it also supports editing PSD files, so you can work with any projects you’ve already started in Photoshop. You won’t get everything you’ll find in Photoshop, of course: It’s more restrictive in terms of scripting/automating tasks, color management, and RAW support; basically, you’ll need to make sure your camera’s RAW files are supported by Mac OS X itself (if you’re running the latest version of OS X these updates are pretty frequent).

10. Pixlr Editor

  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Price: Free


You won’t get RAW support with Pixlr, and you will need Adobe Flash to make it work. If those aren’t deal-breakers for you, this in-browser editor offers an impressive amount of image-editing power without the need to download, install, or pay for anything.

The Pixlr Editor offers the usual array of paint, blur, cropping, color-adjusting, and text tools, but you also have a context-aware spot-healing tool and an assortment of pre-set filters (HDR, tilt-shift, and color gradients among them) at your disposal. Along with the ability to open and edit PSD files (you can’t save as PSD, however), one of Pixlr Editor’s best features is its Google Drive integration. You can add Pixlr Editor to your list of connected Google Drive apps, allowing you to edit images from your Google Drive folder and save them to your Drive without ever leaving your browser.

11. Adobe Photoshop Elements 11

  • Platform: Windows/Mac
  • Price: From $29.99/£17.58 per month


Number 11 on our list (we know, we know…) is…. Adobe Photoshop. Kind of. Photoshop Elements 11 is the latest version of Adobe’s cut-down version of ‘full strength’ Photoshop, and it’s definitely the best yet. Traditionally, Elements was very much the poor cousin of its more expensive relatives, but over the past few years Adobe has been quietly and steadily adding to its feature set to the point where it’s now a very powerful editing tool in its own right.

Although the interface (especially browsing) is different enough to be confusing for someone used to Photoshop CS6, Elements 11 contains almost all of the essential image browsing and manipulation features that photographers need. There are still limitations, but far fewer than there were in the past. For a breakdown of the differences between Elements and Photoshop CS6,

12. Adobe Photoshop

  • Platform: Windows/Mac
  • Price: From $29.99/£17.58 per month


So here we come to the most favorite part… its Photoshop. This software can do anything with the pictures and designing stuff, you just have to name it and its there.


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Microworkers Earning Tips & Tricks

Easy Money From Your Home


 Everything is money. We need to grab the opportunity. Now we have option to have a free world where earnings are so much easy that it could be done even in by gossiping or resting in bed @ your home or when you are in office with no work. Over the years MICROWORKERS is doing a great job to help us earning for at least our pocket money and small living costs. If you can gain the speed to work here, you can earn $2-$5 in just an hour or two, adding $100-$200 to your monthly income. This site has some advantages over the other legit sites of micro jobs. Such as: if you did mistake, your mistaken job status will be sleeping out from your task list day by day when you are doing more & more job assuring your success rate to be increased also day by day. Another advantage is sometime employer forget you to rate your task, in that case that job is automatically rated as successful and pay you. That’s why scammers are rare here to see. 99.9% jobs are real. Jobs are very simple. So…enough talking. Now jump for the money…


 When you start first with opening an account, be sure to give your address correct. This is required when you will be withdrawing your first payment. Microworokers will send you a pin to your address and you must put the pin in the required field for verification. Then they will transfer your money to your online account.


 Do not open account by using a proxy IP or through a proxy server. It will result in banning your account permanently. In your first day you will have many jobs available but after submitting 20 job, you have to wait for rating those job as satisfied/not satisfied by the employers. In that time your temporary success rate goes below 75% and you can’t do more jobs then as it is one of the rule for the first 60 days and the rule says that below 75% temporary success rate you can’t submit any jobs. If any employer forgets to rate it, don’t worry, it will be rated automatically satisfied after 7 days. So my suggestion here to open a 2nd account in Microworkers. If you have 2 modem or someone using internet but not working in Microworkers or if you can manage another IP address, open a second account changing only name. As they will verify your 2nd account’s address also, give address of any reliable relatives/neighbors/friends who will inform you after getting your pin.


You are guessing what is this? OK. Let me discuss. Most of the job is here like : registering someone’s products through different email address. Same kinds of jobs come again and again in every week even on same day. In that case you will be struggling to complete the job when you will see that – ” This e-mail is already been registered”. That’s why i suggest creating 1 account in every week in a certain day like: Sunday, Monday. Account should be in,, Gmail is faster than others. You have now a question that – “IS IT ETHICAL,WHY WASTING UNNECESSARY ONLINE SPACES ?” Well….email service providers will deactivate your account after certain period of time, yahoo needs six months. So there is no harm to anyone or any service provider.


Yahoo answer account for Microworkers job is must. There are lots of yahoo answer related job worth $0.20. These are one of the easiest jobs in Microworkers. Just answer to a certain type of question and put the employer’ link in it. That’s it.The account should be in level 2. Why level 2 ? In level 2, you can provide link which could be click; clickable link. Employer needs there website to be followed by other and your yahoo answer account will be promoting their websites. Login with your existing yahoo account in YAHOO ANSWER. Then select get started from the right panel of welcome screen.


You need to accumulate 250 point to upgrade your yahoo answer account in level 2. You will get 2 points for every answer given for any question, 10 point if your answer is chosen as best answer, 100 points after you first join in yahoo answer community. So you have to wait for a long time to upgrade your yahoo account in level 2.

Try to make an advance search with any keyword to answering any question. Search criteria are:

  1. Only questions
  2. Open questions
  3. Max time 7 days before
  4. No answer given

Reason behind this criteria is- when you choose 7days old question which is still open to be answered but there is no answer and now when you are answering to that question, there is 95% chance that your answer will be chosen as best answer. As you are now in level 1, you can answer to only 20 questions in any single day.

So the calculation is

Account starts =                                                               100points

20 answer * 2 point (for every answer) =                          40 points

Assume 15 answer * 10 point (Best answer selected) = 150 point

Total Point =                                                                     290 points

Congratulation!! Your yahoo answer account is now in level 2


Make another 3 yahoo account (fake) and register in yahoo answer. You can ask 5 questions from a newly created yahoo answer account in a single day. So from 3 accounts you can ask 15 questions (3*5) in a single day. Now follow these steps

  1. Go to my activity > edit my preference > privacy & communication
  2. Select “My contacts & Fan only ” from share my Q & A with:
  3. Select   “My contacts & Fan only” from share my answers network with:
  4. Submit

Do this for your 4 yahoo account. This will hide the bad activities form others (what you are going to do) in yahoo answer community. Otherwise they will report it to yahoo and ban your account.

Now follow these steps –

  1. Select My Activity
  2. Select Invite friends
  3. Write down the real email address in the email address option>select invite
  4. Accepts invitation from Real account’s/mails

Do this for 3 fake yahoo accounts. This will make the 3 account to be in the real account’s network. It will help you to find the question/answers of your network easily.

Now make 5 questions from each fake account. Question could be anything. You will have 15 questions now to answer. Make answer of each of the question from real account. Find the question from my activity>my network activity.

After 2 hour, login to every fake account one by one and select your given answers as best answer. Why 2 hour? I don’t know. This is a rule of yahoo answer that you can’t choose any answer as best before 2 hour of that question submission. Now the point calculation is-

Account starts =                                                    100points

15 answer * 2 point (for every answer) =               40 points

15 answer * 10 point (Best answer selected) =     150 point

Total Point =                                                           290 points

Congratulation!! Your yahoo answer account is now in level 2


As i have discussed earlier, after submission of 20 job, you have to wait for rating those. But do not waste your time if you want to earn some good. HG job will be available in this time. Try to grab those. Those are little money but after one month you will realize how they have contributed in your main balance. Another thing is that, if you have not still register / open any account in online payment systems, MONEYBOOKERS or ALERTPAY will help you. Microworkers is now supporting only these options.  Do it now and then verify your accounts. Sometime it will need a long time for verification for some issues. So use this unemployed time in there.


Try to make accounts in different websites. Especially in Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumble upon Ghigg, Reddit and Google Plus. Make sure you are using fake account in those services otherwise everything will be mess up and when you are marketing for a website/link/product in your status, everyone will find you as a sells person or a scammer.


Lots of works in microworkers are like: post in your Facebook wall or tweet by your twitter account. Some employer requires you to have 350+ friends in Facebook and 100+ friends in twitter. Otherwise you will not be able to submit those jobs. If you don’t have that amount of relation in those accounts, don’t worry. I m here to help you. At first, you have to overcome with your shyness. Then send request to everyone who have at least one friend in common in Facebook. For Twitter, follow the friend suggestion and follow them whoever they are. They will not follow you always but at least 40-50% will follow you back. So, now you will have 350 Facebook friend and 100 twitter follower. You did great!!!


This is a common problem for all of the Microworkers. To avoid this problem, you have to be very fast in doing jobs. Try catching those jobs which have status like 50/100 and avoid 95/100. What this means? 50/100 means that the job requires 100 people and 50 people have already submitted. Others are doing this but you don’t know how many. So that’s why you have to be fast. This is not FIRST COME FIRST BASIS rather FAST SUBMIT FAST BASIS.

Now comes the pain. Sometimes you see that when you submit a job, it says – job has been paused. Now? All of your effort has in vain? No. Never. I am here to help you. Open a notepad and named it after the job status like: YouTube account create, facebook like, Germen friend finder signup etc.

Then note down these details on it-

  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Email address used to sign up
  4. Url address after first login
  5. Url address after confirming by email
  6. Referrer name/id if any
  7. Captcha or any type of security the website uses
  8. Your IP address
  9. Copy the whole email
  10. Employer id/name
    11. Name you have registered with

Sometime you will have this same problem in same types of jobs multiple times. In that case you can create a folder and keep all the related notepads into that. Why this pain again i am suggesting you? Because you will see that same types of job coming many times, even twice in a hour/day/week. In that case you just match the criteria that employer needs and then just submit it. In this time you have nothing to do. See how easy this is !! But remember one thing, do not submit this information again into another job otherwise you will be flagged as red mark by the employer and 3 red flag will ban your account.

So…. lots of suggestion here. I hope and believe that you will surely earn good there. I will come up again with new problems and suggestions. Keep looking. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

For the videos check this link microworkers tutorials

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